Study in Canada : Fully Funded Scholarship and How to Enrol 2018/2019…

The OMAFRA-U of G Alliance funds the Highly Qualified Personnel Program (HQP) to support the development of highly qualified graduates who can meet the changing demands of the agri-food and rural sector.
The Alliance is dedicated to supporting the development of advanced skills and learning to improve the intellectual capacity of our citizens to solve current and future problems.


To be eligible for the HQP Scholarship Program, you must:
  • be an International Students, immigrant landed or study under an international visa;
  • to be entering the first semester of a undergraduate,master’s or PhD degree (based on thesis) or a doctoral program at the University of Guelph;
  • he has not started his graduate program;
  • not be an employee of OMAFRA;
  • other important awards such as NSERC, OGS, SSHRC or CIHR are not celebrated at the same time.
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Maximum value of the project

Master’s degree students: $ 21,300 per year (up to $ 17,300 from the HQP Program, plus $ 4,000 per annual teacher advisor surcharge)
Ph.D. students: $ 26,000 per year (up to $ 21,000 from the HQP Program, plus an annual $ 5,000 surcharge from the Faculty Advisor)

Project duration

The maximum annual allocation to the students will be based on six semesters for the completion of the master’s degree and nine semesters for the completion of the doctorate.

Special notes

Master’s and doctoral students complete research that complies with OMAFRA’s research priorities and learn first-hand how forward-looking research can be mobilized to have a positive impact on society. OMAFRA’s priorities are contained within the following seven thematic areas:


  • Agricultural policy and rural development
  • Bioeconomy – Industrial uses
  • Emergency management
  • Sustainability of the environment
  • Food for health
  • Product development and improvement through value chain collaborations
  • Production systems (plants and animals)
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How to apply

You must register in the RMS before you can prepare an application. It is not necessary to register again if you have already sent a letter of intent (LOI) or a complete proposal to an OMAFRA-U of G Partnership program or to an OMAFRA program through the RMS.

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