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In my last article I explained why you need consistency to be successful in your business and in life. And today am just going to continue with that by taking you through the things you ought to do to be consistent.
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Enjoy the Process

Being unhappy until you reach your goals is a bad way to go through life. That’s why you should focus on having goals that enhance your life right now. It always comes back to doing something you’re passionate about, doesn’t it?

The 4 Laws of Consistency

1. Discipline – Having a well-trained discipline muscle comes in handy when you run out of steam, as I said above. You can build your discipline in many ways. A few things I like to do is do any chores that pop into my head,such as taking out the garbage, washing the dishes or whatever else you might think of. Of course, I’m not flawless and often fail to do these things (okay, okay… extremely often), but when you push yourself just a little bit more each time, your discipline muscle grows.

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2. Patience – We live in a quick-fix society. I consider myself to be a very impatient man, but I overcome this by figuring out a realistic time-frame for what I can expect with the amount of work I am putting in. It’s hard to arrive at exact answers, but a ballpark figure always helps. For example, if you’re starting a blog in a good niche, you can expect anywhere from 12-24 months until things start happening, if you work hard.

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3. Taking Action – Taking action and doing stuff that matters has to be one of the biggest secrets of success. It’s tough and it’s grueling at times, but that is why you want to do something you’re passionate about. If you love what you do, you’ll enjoy the process so much more. Working your ass off in a bank would kill my soul, but working on this blog day and night just gives me more energy, because I know where I’m heading. So don’t just sit on your ass, take action and be consistent!

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4. Focus – You have to take action, but you cannot just take random action. It has to be on tasks that matter. Remember the Pareto principle? 20% of the tasks you do are responsible for 80% of your success. When it comes to blogs, a few tasks I’m focusing on right now are writing content, making connections and guest posting. Outsource as much as you can so you can focus on the truly important things.

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written by Oladokun Oluwasegun

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