9 Common Mistakes to avoid:

Getting a scholarship to cover all or part of your college or university expenses is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money, might as well avoid student loan. College education is expensive but if students make right use of scholarship options, they can definitely fulfill their dreams and pursue education in spite of their limited finances.

All that you need to do for availing a scholarship is to drop in your application the right manner, and wait to see if you get lucky. However, what many students do not know is that the fate of around 90% of college scholarship applications is decided within a minute, sometimes without even being read by the judging committee. It is because of unintended and careless mistakes that students make.

So, if you want to maximize your chances of scholarship application acceptance take a look at the following most common mistakes:


1. Applying Without Eligibility

You must be eligible for a scholarship to apply for it.

If you think that you might get a scholarship by dropping in an application even if you do not qualify for it, you are wrong. It gives out a very wrong impression to the scholarship granting committee and they reject such applications right away without giving them any consideration. So, it is wise to not waste your time applying for scholarships that you are not eligible for.

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2. Not Meeting The Deadline

You must endeavor to meet up with published application deadlines.

Missing a submission deadline is by far the most common blender. In order to make your scholarship application get to the hands of the committee on time, mark your calendar or set a reminder to alert yourself about the impending application submission date.

3. Not Following Guidelines And Instructions

Ignoring set-down rules and guidelines of a particular award?

Students often ignore the importance of instructions and format and end up writing the application in a mediocre way. This is the worst thing that you can do to get a scholarship; ill-formatted applications are rejected right away without even getting completely read.

4. Language And Spelling Mistakes

Are you sure you got all typos correct and in their place?

Even if you are typing it, you can never be too sure about spellings and grammar mistakes until you proofread your application. This is because sometimes certain mistakes are not detected by the Word processor. So, if you are not sure about your command over the language, obtain help from an expert, an online dictionaries or a friend to help you guide and make sure it is written immaculately.

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5. Skipping Questions

Thinking not to answer any application-related question(s)?

If you do not want to or do not have answer to any question in the application form, do not skip it right away. Take some time to think, and then give a suitable answer. Empty spaces in the application makes the selection committee confused about the possible answers, and therefore decreases the chances of success.

6. Not Submitting Required Documents

Don’t even think of it. All requested application documents must be complete.

While stressing over on the content and mistakes therein, students often forget attaching some or all documents with the application. So, it is best to double-check and attach all the required documents before submitting the application.

7. Using Templates

Using a predesigned template to apply for that scholarship award?

With their experience, it is very easy for scholarship granting committee to identify applications that are composed by using templates. So, make sure to use original content for each scholarship application which is based on the committee’s guidelines.

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8. Not Proofreading

Applications that are submitted without proofreading are easy to spot and make a bad impression.

Proofreading is highly recommended not only before you submit a scholarship application but for applications that you submit for jobs also. If you think you can identify and correct your mistakes efficiently, then proofread your application at least once or you can also ask a friend who has a strong command on language to help you with proofreading.

9. Bad Hand Writing

Handwriting makes a first long-lasting impression.

Bad handwriting does not only ruin your impression but also makes it difficult for the judging team to actually read what you have written. If you have bad hand writing, then try to write the application carefully or simply type the entire application. This way you can easily and effectively avoid any bad impact that your hand writing may cause.

Written by:
Rochelle Ceira ;a career consultant

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