Are you interested in knowing the latest NYSC State allowances or allawee for all the states in Nigeria?  If yes, then read on.

In most cases you’ll be told of how tedious and stressful camp activities would be but not much would be said about NYSC Nigeria States Allowances during your service year. A serving NYSC Corps Member receives State Allowance and Federal Allowance.

The Federal Government of Nigeria pays a Corps Member serving in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme a monthly allowance (popularly known as Allawii) of N19,800 (Nineteen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira only) for the Twelve (12) Months of the Scheme.

In addition to the Federal Government NYSC Allowance, State of deployment do pay NYSC Corps Members serving there and the amount varies per State.

Below is the list of State paying with the amount:

  1. Abia state Pays ₦5,000
  2. Adamawa (we don’t know yet, help us if you do)
  3. Akwa Ibom state pays ₦4,900 monthly
  4. Anambra state pays ₦8,300 monthly (it is paid in bulk and not really monthly)
  5. Bauchi state pays ₦1,250
  6. Bayelsa – ₦3,000 to those in capital and ₦5,000 to those in rural areas.
  7. Benue (No information yet)
  8. Borno – ₦1,000
  9. Cross River – ₦5000
  10. Delta – ₦5,000.
  11. Ebonyi -#10,000.
  12. Edo (No information yet)
  13. Ekiti – ₦5,000
  14. Enugu – pays ₦3,800 to those in villages and ₦1,000 to those serving in towns
  15. Gombe (No information yet)
  16. Imo – pays ₦2,000
  17. Jigawa –  pays ₦5,000
  18. Kaduna – ₦3000
  19. Kano pays a one-time sum of ₦15,000 which is approximately ₦1,200 per month
  20. Katsina (No information)
  21. Kebbi (No information)
  22. Kogi (No information)
  23. Kwara – ₦25,000 monthly (paid to medical corp members)
  24. Lagos – ₦15,000 and sometimes ₦10,000 to corp members in ministries, ₦5000 to those in LGAs and ₦20,000 to medical youth corp members.
  25. Nasarawa – pays ₦5,000 monthly (₦30K paid in bulk after 6 months)
  26. Niger – used to pay ₦6,000; according to reports reaching us there’s no more payment in Niger.
  27. Ogun – ₦5,000
  28. Ondo – ₦75,000 monthly to medical corp members only
  29. Osun – ₦5,000
  30. Oyo – ₦3,800
  31. Plateau (we have no information yet)
  32. Rivers (doesn’t pay, according to reports reaching us)
  33. Sokoto – ₦4,000 to those in state government parastatals and ₦9,000 to those in state hospitals
  34. Taraba – ₦10,000 (we are not so sure about this anymore)
  35. Yobe – ₦2,500.
  36. Zamfara – ₦3,000
  37. FCT – Abuja doesn’t pay anything.

Some of the states listed above do not really pay corp members monthly… many of them pay in bulk after the completion of several months in services. For instance Anambra State, which is one of the highest-paid, pays corp members in bulk after 6-7 months in service.

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So, if you’ve only been serving for like two months and having received any pay, do not conclude that the state doesn’t pay.

However, before you can benefit from NYSC state allowance, you must be serving in an institution owned by the state government including government-owned schools, hospitals, secretariats, etc.

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If you have any contribution or correction regarding the NYSC allowance for any of the states listed above, please share them using the comment section below.

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