Something I understood as of late, or perhaps acknowledged years prior, however just started honing as of late, is that the normal human personality does not process unpredictability all that well. That is to say, I’m sure individuals can deal with complex musings, that they hear something beyond maybe a couple notes on the piano, yet seven notes, nine notes, minor thirteenths — that’s asking a considerable measure.

You see this in the workmanship individuals expend, houses they live in, nourishment they eat, autos they drive, garments they wear. Truly, you see it in everything, in case you’re looking sufficiently close. There are demonstrated equations and structures, and perhaps inside those recipes and structures there are slight deviations, however generally individuals need similar things other individuals have, similar things they’ve just got.

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So you, the maker, you get the structure, and simply shading it in a bit. How you organize the hues is all you, however the edge is the thing that individuals get it.

It is not necessarily the case that there isn’t advancement inside the frame — you could invest a considerable measure of energy making the thing that goes inside the frame — and that is the trap, making refined things straightforward. It’s not an issue of building things up, but rather an issue of: how would I level this, make it so everybody can get it? In the event that you can pull this off, I figure you can be extremely fruitful, perhaps rich, or whatever your meaning of accomplishment is.

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Yet, again and again, especially when we’re youthful and unpracticed, we’re unpredictable for multifaceted nature. We see the casing and think: fuck the casing! We need to work outside the edge, or even better, form a totally new edge. Also, now and again that works, yet just once in a while. It resembles popular music, you know; 10-minute jazz instrumentals aren’t getting played on Top 40 radio. For a long time, it’s been a similar thing —

Verse | B-area |Chorus

Verse | B-area |Chorus

Scaffold | B-Section | Chorus

Perhaps you get some variety every now and then, yet pretty much those are the guidelines for a pop melody. Would they be able to change, might they be able to appear as something else or better, obviously. Yet, the human personality isn’t set up to truly process that separation. It expects what it gets. It expects the casing, the recipe.

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My point — I have a point — is that as much exertion you spend making things unpredictable and intriguing, you ought to spend making them straightforward and apparently uninteresting. On the off chance that you complete a great job, I think the work, or whatever it is you’re doing, will, at last, still be as fascinating as you needed it to be. Just now it’ll be more available, and now individuals won’t dismiss in light of the fact that it shows up excessively complex from the get-go.

Author: Oladokun Oluwasegun

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