Intelligence is native but not relative to language.

I woke up this morning and the first beep on my phone was an article from a very good friend of mine Goodnews Egemolu. I opened the article to read and I was amazed by the amount of wisdom incorporate into the text and am just gonna share that with you today.

Speaking English fluently is not a sign of intelligence. At best it is proof of proper westernization.

I have heard unbelievable intelligence embedded in Yoruba language and from deep Yoruba speakers. Sound logic and superb analysis from native Yoruba speakers.

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You are not more intelligent than everyone because you speak and write impeccable English grammar. The greatest thinkers, philosophers and mathematicians that ever lived did not speak English. They were Greeks.

Socrates and Aristotle did not speak Queen’s English.

You’d be amazed to know the amount of intelligence people in ancient African kingdoms had prior to slavery. They were full of wits and gumption. These could be clearly seen in their proverbs, adages, idioms, chants, stories, games (e.g ‘ayo’ a game of strategy and calculus played using cowries), alternative traditional medicine, herbal medicine, traditional orthopedic surgical operations or bone realignment surgeries and even traditional religious worldviews. These and many more demonstrated the fact that intelligence was not language-based.

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The only problem with Africans was the equal and almost unparalleled prevalence of superstitious beliefs rather than scientific approach to issues. It is my strongly held belief that the overwhelming and unbridled reign of superstitious thoughts among ancient Africans stifled scientific exploits on the continent.

Intelligence is as old as time among all races and tongues. It is therefore ignorance in and of itself to judge a man’s IQ by his proficiency in a particular language.

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The Chinese and Russians are giving English speaking countries a run for their money in science and technology. Why can’t Africans do same?

Each time I see people applaud someone for speaking grandiloquent grammar I feel pissed. They are merely displaying crass inferiority complex.

Author: Oladokun Oluwasegun

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