Many times, you will hear a successful person say something like “They once told me I would never make it, but here I am today…blah blah”

If you are not careful, you might fall wrongly for that statement.

The intention behind the statement is to inspire others, but if you do not stop to think, it might make you live your life perpetually as a mediocre without realizing it.

Let me explain.

If you check the story of these successful people, they started out as rough diamonds, trying to get appreciated for their ‘potentials’. The quality of their work at that time is usually a far cry from the quality of their work as at the time of success.


A lot of them got the break out because they kept improving themselves after every disappointment. They didn’t attain success by sheer belief that they were good, and had it all together. They didn’t stop getting better at what they do, and didn’t stop refining their talent, output, skill and service.

There are so many examples, but let me use the story of Late Dagrin.

If you listen to his first set of songs in his debut album, they were “poor” compared to the quality of the song that brought him to the limelight.

He was rejected by a lot of people in his early days as a musician, and a number of those who rejected him may not have done it from a negative motive, it might just have been based on the fact that his music was not good enough at the time.

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But he continued working and improving until he hit gold and became widely sought after.

An average artiste will always talk about the days when they tried to get people to listen to their music, they will never talk about the fact that truly, their music was once not good enough. They will talk about how they fought their way to the top against all odds, but won’t talk about the fact that they had to upgrade the level of their talent.

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For you who’s trying to get that big break; don’t be fooled by the incomplete story of a successful man. Draw the inspiration, and use it to keep improving on your skill.

One of the reasons why anyone who once underrated you may come back to celebrate you is because there is an upgrade in YOU.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can be celebrated someday by being stagnant and having a stubborn belief in your own mediocrity.

Improve! Improve! Improve!
It is when you improve that you can seize opportunities, make success and finally get your chance to also say:

“They once told me I would never make it… ”

Reference: Glowville, Goodnews Egemolu.

Author: Oladokun Oluwasegun


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