You Might Have Missed This- Best New WhatsApp Features of 2018:

When you’re using an app day in and day out, it’s easy to miss new features that get added. You get a notification for an update, you update the app, and you continue using it as you always have done. However, most WhatsApp updates include several new features.

To get these new features, you will need the latest version of WhatsApp. You can download the app from the respective app store, or update it on your phone if you already have it installed.

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The Best New WhatsApp Features of 2018

Group Video and Voice Calls

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WhatsApp voice calls and video calls are completely free. And now you are no longer restricted to just having one-on-one conversations. WhatsApp’s new group calling for voice and video lets you talk with up to three other people at the same time.

WhatsApp Launches Group Calling on Android and iOS WhatsApp Launches Group Calling on Android and iOSWhatsApp has added group calls for voice and video. And while the feature only supports four people, it is end-to-end encrypted.

To start a group call, you will first need to call one person. Once that call is on, tap the little user icon at the top-right corner of the chat to add another participant. You can’t add two extra participants together, so just add them one after another.

It works seamlessly and is as reliable as doing a one-on-one voice or video call. Of course, if you want to talk to more than four people, you can use instead.

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“Catch Up” on Group Chats (And More)

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Every WhatsApp user knows that its groups could do with a few more features, whether to protect yourself from the incessant noise or to catch up with chats more easily. WhatsApp recently rolled out a number of improvements for group chats that address core issues.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Group Chat Improvements WhatsApp Rolls Out Group Chat ImprovementsWhatsApp has made a number of improvements to the way group chats work. All of which are designed to help people use WhatsApp group chats more effectively.

Catch-up: A new @ button appears at the bottom right corner of the chat when you’ve been mentioned by someone, or if someone has quoted you, while you were away. It’s easier to catch up on something you might have missed.

Protection From Re-Adding: WhatsApp groups don’t need your consent to add you to a group. Now, if you leave that group, an admin can’t just add you back immediately.

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Description: For more formal groups, there’s a quick description field where administrators can set basic rules or state the group’s purpose.

Participant Search: A simple search field to find anyone.